Grease traps

Grease traps

Plastic grease traps from 40L to 1600L

Studies from environmental organisations revealed that, liquid waste from various human activities show an increasing trend to grease and oil content. This fat substances, once they enter the sewage system, cause a gradual blockage as well as unpleasant odours.
They can also cause corrosion to various materials and parts in the sewage system and the sewage treatment plants. Once fat reaches the treatment plants, the effectivity diminishes. For this reason, today it is required that gastronomy establishments shall have a grease trap in place, to ensure that fat / oil / grease (FOG) from wash wastewater will be intercepted at the originating source before entering sewage system (considered as a pre-treatment to grey water). This particular wastewater usually include water in an elevated temperature, hi organic load, FOG, detergents as well as suspended particles / sediments. These waste typically consist of a mixture of high temperature water, high orgnic content, FOG, detergents as well as suspended particles and sediments from food remainings.

Grease Traps / Grease collectors complying with EN 1825 standard are manufactured using the Rotational molding method from linear polyethylene, which is an extremely light and durable material. They act as gravity traps, utilizing the different density between the components of liquid waste produced during washing. Organic fat and oils are 10-15% lighter than water, causing them to float on the surface, where they are trapped in fat-oil layer.

Any solids as well as suspended particles which are in the waste water will be separated in the Grease Trap, forming a sediment in the bottom of the sludge collector. Grease Traps can be also fitted with filters to collect solids, to reduce the amount of sediment setting at the bottom of the Grease Trap Periodically, floating fat / grease layer as well as sediment from the sludge collector must be removed manually.

Typical Applications
Grease Traps are used in:
i. Restaurants
ii. Fast foods
iii. School or Hospital Kitchens
iv. Catering
v. Canning factories
vi. Dairy product factories
vii. Private houses
viii. Hotels etc.

Product series
“LIP” grease traps are available in 7 sizes with volumes ranging from 40L to 1600L, require a small surface and are suitable both for indoor installation (direct in the kitchen) or outdoor (either over ground or underground) installation. For greater demands, it is possible to combine two or more units offering the optimum solution to each case.

Grease traps are manufactured from pure, not recycled, linear polyethylene. The material exhibits a high resistance to corrosion from fat acids, monolithic structure, seamless without joints. They are resistant to chemical corrosion, low weight allowing for convenience during transportation and installation while offering a sturdy construction resisting to mechanical loads.

Technical informations